Her Three Immortals

The Don

Why choose between heaven and hell when you can have both?

This god needs souls and lots of them — the badder, the better.

Zagreus — “Grey” — needs more souls to work the Underworld mines of Tartarus, and a lowlife looking to renegotiate his contract is the last thing Grey cares to address.
Storming to Earth, he stares down the idiot who thinks he can call the shots, but this reneger has an offer Grey can’t refuse — a hundred tainted souls ready to sign up for a one-way ticket to the harshest place in the known universe.
And then Grey sees her.
Thousands of years roaming the three realms and he has never set eyes on a woman whose soul (and everything else) burns hotter than the lava lakes of Hell.
Vanessa Maan. His girl, the idiot claims, but not for much longer.
Because Grey will walk away with more than the Tainted Hundred. He’ll close the deal on Vanessa’s sexy soul, even if it costs him his heart, mind and immortality.
The Don is the first story in the Her Three Immortals series.
If you love “why choose” romances featuring hot demons, sexy-as-sin angels and the occasional magnetic mortal, grab this steamy paranormal romance today.  

**Warning: contains sexual situations, reverse harem and explicit language.

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