Her Three Immortals

Three Gods

Three gods. One soul. And a sick brother.

My little brother is dying and I’ll do anything to save him.

Enter Grey, the Don of the Underworld. And he is totally to-die-for, but unfortunately, he isn’t looking to make a soul deal with a nobody hairdresser like me.

When I run into his billionaire brother, Raef, in a big-city snowstorm things start looking up. Maybe he’ll convince Grey to take me away.

Not so much. Because Raef is falling for me, hard and fast.

Then there’s Aroz — another brother — and I think he might be stalking me.

…with a bow and arrow.

Three godly guys. Surely one of them will help me.

Problem is, I want them all. And not only to save my brother.

Three Gods is the first installment of Hazel Storm’s completed Her Three Immortals series, a paranormal romance saga that readers call “steamy, complex and addicting.”

If you love crazy-hair-day heroines with a lot of heart, sexy-as-sin gods with a lot of heat and a few mythical creatures thrown into the mix, look no further…

**Warning: contains sexual situations (a female lead with multiple male lovers between whom she won’t have to choose), explicit language, a cliffhanger and a guaranteed end-of-series HEA.

Publisher note: Three Gods (Book 1 of Her Three Immortals) was previously published under the title The Don.

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The Vow

I sold my soul to the Don of the Underworld. And now, I’m stuck in his penthouse.

That would all be well and good, except he — Grey — doesn’t want me here and has stormed off.

Which is kind of immature if you ask me.
So, here I am. Alone in Hell.
Well, alone, except for…

A serpent-haired gorgon on a mirror, who is, actually, quite nice.

A gargantuan caterpillar who can’t seem to stop eating.

And an elevator that refuses to let me leave the building.

Not to mention — but I will, anyway — I’m covered in gold dust from one of Aroz’s love arrows, which would’ve hit me if Grey hadn’t whisked me Down Under.
Meaning the other Down Under. — Not Australia.
It didn’t work, of course. The love arrow, that is.
Because I am definitely not in love with that self-proclaimed A-hole of the Underworld, even if I can’t stop dreaming about the guy…god, whatever. And all his sexy body parts.

Meanwhile, my gentleman, Raef, is stuck on earth — with my mother, my brother, and an awful lot to explain to do.

Life shouldn’t be this complicated.
Especially, when you’re dead…

The God is a hot and steamy Why Choose? novel and the second story in the Her Three Immortals series.

**Warning: contains sexual situations, explicit language and is somewhat cliffhangery.

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The Bow

I won the heart of the God of the Underworld. Now, I have to deal with his mother… 

Who happens to be Queen. And she isn’t very happy. With me.

So, she sends me on a mission — read suicide mission — to collect a sample from the Waterfall of Youth, which is at the top of a high-rise owned by my gentleman, Raef.

I arrive butt naked, of course.

The good news is, I’m invisible, thanks to my new set of “wings.”

The bad news is, Aroz — God of Lust — and his immortal mother can see me.

My mission seems to be going according to plan until Aroz whisks me off to his invisible palace — read high-rise — in the clouds.

Why? I have no idea.

But when I find a poor soul who needs rescuing from a dismal prison cell, how can I resist?

Meanwhile, I wait for my knights-in-shining-armor to come rescue me from Aroz — read Beast — but I get this really bad feeling I might be waiting a long time.

Playing Beauty might look good on paper.
Not so much when my Beast is a total PITA.

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The Box

I reunited the God of Lust with his alter ego. And now, he’s mine forever. Or at least, until his mother finds out…

In the meantime, she — read mommy dearest — has handed me a box and demanded I fill it with eternal beauty.

Of course, there’s a catch…

The only place to get this nebulous substance is from a sacred goddess — read grumpy old crone — who lives atop the highest mountain in…Yeah, you guessed it.


That’s the tar pit place where only the tainted — read criminals — go.

Unfortunately, I’ve got to go there, too.

But I won’t be alone…

My gentleman, Raef, has arrived — although, I really wish he’d left his delicate mortal soul safely at home.

My good friend, Gorgonita, is coming because you never know when you’ll need someone turned to stone. 

Hopefully, the right someone!

And my “prettiest kittiest” chameleon moth, PK, will not be left behind.

You’d think I had enough to worry about with these three tagging along, but…

My Underworld god, Grey, is stuck in the Overworld until he settles his contract with Dorian — read idiot.

And my lusty love god, Aroz, went to meet his mother and hasn’t been seen since.

I’m seriously going to need a facial when this adventure is over.

Unless I sneak a quick peek into that box of beauty…

Or maybe not.

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