The Stolen Art Series

The 57th Floor - Prequel

One Golden Rule. And it has never been broken... Yet.

Madelyn Harrison has worked for her grandmother’s executive matchmaking company ever since she moved to Boston from the UK a decade ago.
When her grandmother, Adele, is hit by a car, Madelyn must struggle on—business as usual—without her.
A new client meeting sends her hurtling skyward to the 57th-floor office of fellow Brit, Peter Waring, President and CEO of Waring Construction.
The last thing Madelyn expects is to be blown away by a man twice her age.
But Peter is far from your typical fifty-something. A raw vegan, yogi and barefoot runner, the man looks less than forty and is sexy as hell.
Adele’s golden rule is the foundation of their company’s ethical standards, and Madelyn has no choice. She must find Peter the perfect match—even when the only match she can imagine is herself.

Because Madelyn is falling.
And fifty-seven floors is a very long drop.

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Assassin's Song

An assassin will bring them together.
A secret will tear them apart.

Elizabeth arrives in Southern France with a secret and a life-changing decision to make; all she needs is some time away from the rat race to think.
While visiting a charming chateau in the Pyrénées, she meets the sexy and mysterious Etienne whose interest seems just a little too intense.
Her doubts are confirmed when Elizabeth wakes in a prison cell.
Who is this sinister man with demanding questions she can’t answer? And what does he want?
Elizabeth may never find out because a stranger rescues her — then abandons her in the mountains in a snowstorm.
Her predicament can’t get any worse…
Until he shows up, with a new persona and a new name.
She’ll bide her time and cooperate, let him get her to safety, and then, she’ll escape.
But the longer Elizabeth is stuck with this infuriating, egotistical and incredibly attractive man, the more dangerous he becomes.
To her freedom. And to her heart.

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Conman’s Mask

She’s disappeared before. Will this be the last time?
A year ago, Elizabeth got caught up in a dangerous adventure, fell in love and never came home.
Her best friend Kathryn is far from over her defection but agrees to meet in Greece to catch up, and hopefully, make up.
Arriving in Athens, Kathryn runs into an intriguing man from Elizabeth’s past and discovers her friend is missing — again.
Jonathan Sullivan played a part in Elizabeth’s previous disappearance, and Kathryn has no intention of letting him lead the search without her.
No stranger to mysteries or missing women, Jonathan intends to keep Elizabeth’s beautiful, intriguing and utterly infuriating best friend from becoming the next victim.
But clearly, she has other ideas.
The harder Jonathan tries to keep Kathryn out of danger’s way, the more she knuckles down, intent on rescuing her best friend — and while she’s at it, capturing Jonathan’s heart.

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Felon’s Claw

She saved his life. Now she’s in danger.

Having escaped an abusive marriage, Diana lives in safety with her young daughter in the wilds of Western Colorado, working as a park ranger, overseeing the preservation of public lands.
When she saves a wounded man on the desert slopes above Rattlesnake Arches, her mothering instinct kicks in, and Diana feels responsible for this relative stranger.
Chris is a man with too many secrets, and he can’t share a single one, not until he returns the priceless diamond he recovered from a felon’s stash.
Diana’s help is the last thing Chris expects, but when she opens her heart and home to him, he can’t resist her hospitality or his attraction to this beautiful woman.
But Chris is not the only one with secrets, and what he doesn’t know could get them both killed.

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Boxed Set Books 1-3

A killer will bring them together. A secret will tear them apart.

This 3-Book Boxset Includes:
Assassin’s Song (Book 1)

A charming chateau in the French Pyrénées. A dangerously handsome man. But what does he want?
Elizabeth finds herself caught in a whirlwind adventure with an assassin on her tail and an aristocrat out to capture her heart.
Will she and her heart survive?

Conman’s Mask (Book 2)
Amid the temple ruins of Greece, Kathryn finds herself searching for her missing best friend, Elizabeth, and her own identity.
When Jonathan shows up, Kathryn doesn’t know whether she can trust the burly Scottish writer, who aided Elizabeth during her last adventure. He seems intent to slam the door on Kathryn and possibly crush her heart.

Felon’s Claw (Book 3)
Diana is a survivor, making a life for herself and her daughter in the desert of Western Colorado after escaping an abusive ex.
When a random act of kindness throws her into the arms of a mysterious man who makes her laugh, she lets him into her heart.
But this man holds a secret that could get them killed.

And so does Diana.

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